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Be Present: The Best Resolution in 2022

Out of all the resolutions we make at the start of a new year, being present is one we should all work to keep. Whether you are spending time with family, reading a newsletter from your favorite travel advisor, eating a meal or exploring a place near or far, try to take in all that moment has to offer! Ignore the to-do lists circling in your head, put the phone away for two seconds and just absorb what is going on in that very moment. Make the moments matter.

Covid variants, extreme weather and changing restrictions can cause challenges exploring the world. Here are some additions that have made so many of my clients' trips run safer & smoother.


  • Tour privately where you can. It makes for a more tailored experience and reduces exposure.

  • Save the Small Group Tours for outdoor experiences like a city orientation biking tour, canyoneering at a National Park or surf lessons

  • Confirming guides and drivers vaccination status and discussing a mask policy prior to a tour is an important way for clients to feel safer and more relaxed.


  • I love recommending local dining spots. I’m happy to focus on temperature controlled outdoor dining venues (like the heated outdoor stalls pictured at Le Diplomat), great take-out spots and fun food trucks at clients' request.

  • When exploring on your own, MRT can recommend the best areas and times to avoid the crowds

  • Selecting destinations where you can get away from it all or have freestanding accommodations


  • Smoother arrival and departure, avoiding crowds and lines for taxis and rideshares

  • Trustworthy drivers required to wear masks

  • Vaccinated drivers can be requested if it's not already a company policy


  • If you test positive and can’t take the trip, you can file a claim for last minute penalties.

  • If you get sick while you are traveling, it can protect your medical costs.

  • If you have to quarantine abroad due to a positive test on your trip, it can cover a large portion or all of your extended trip costs.


  • Don’t feel comfortable traveling internationally right now? The US has some spectacular destinations that can scratch a similar travel itch.

  • Want to hold off on flying? Lets look at unique escapes closer to home. I love planning road trips and highlighting fun spots to explore along the way.

  • Want to avoid hotels all together? Lets explore freestanding accommodations or even independent rental properties, such as VRBO.

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