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Sipping through our Saturday at The Cottages at Fine Creek

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Fine Creek Brewery has always been my go-to for great beer in a peaceful setting, removed from the noise of the city. Located in Powhatan, Fine Creek is a great place to kick back next to the gardens, take in the beauty, and appreciate something as simple as a bumblebee dancing from flower to flower. The brewery is about 40 minutes from Richmond so to taste the whole menu, it may behoove you to stay the night. Thankfully, they are one of the few breweries with overnight accommodations. It was during a recent visit that I stared off at the cottages beyond the garden gate and decided it was about time we made a day of it and experienced all that Fine Creek has to offer.

The Mill at Fine Creek is one of the leading spots in the area to host weddings and events. The cottages were built with the intention of welcoming the wedding parties and event guests. They have recently become popular as well for staycations and people passing though. After our overnight this past weekend, I can certainly see why.

I knew the cottages were going to be welcoming based on my experience at the brewery, but they truly exceeded my expectations. The furnishings were sophisticated with eclectic elements of design that worked with the setting and area. I was most impressed with the thoughtful details…

  • Check-in is inviting and done in the Provisions pastry café and gift shop. The lovely little shop features great wines, snacks, gifts and coffee drinks. The highlight are the sweet delicacies that look almost too beautiful to eat made by the pastry chef on property. Rosalie helped check me in and was about as warm and personable as you can be!

  • Fresh flowers from the garden were placed in a few different rooms along with some beverages stocked in our fridge.

  • A complimentary breakfast is served in the morning at Provisions Café. Delicious coffee is brewed for you and you are given a picnic basket to collect different fruits, yogurt and granola to enjoy in one of the outdoor seating areas or your cottage.

  • Any disposable products such as food containers, cutlery, cups or bath products are all green-certified and eco-friendly.

  • We enjoyed a two-bedroom cottage both equip with its own bath. Each room was very sound and blocked out any outside noise from the brewery or your family in the next room.

  • The keys to your cottage and picnic basket are adorned with a leather tag etched with your cottage’s letter. We were “E” which we kept reminding my toddler was “for Evie”.

We devoured our dinner of fish tacos and pizza topped with local peaches made by the brewery kitchen. I sipped my Kolsch, my husband his Thai Tea Milk Stout as we watched our daughter frolic around the zinnias. It was picturesque to say the least. A perfect moment in time that we didn’t want to end. The best part…we didn’t have to rush home! As the sun began to set we headed back to our cottage for the night thankful for the perfect day.

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