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This is My story

Do you ever wish you could capture a feeling, put it in a tiny box and revisit time and time again?  I remember waking up before the sun came up when I was seven years old.  I put my clothes on, brushed my hair but it all felt different; more alive.  We were embarking on a flight to the exotic land of Orlando’s Disney World! 

I didn’t come from a family who journeyed on African safaris or European Spring Breaks; it was more amusement parks and outlet malls.  It didn’t matter, I was beside myself with excitement wherever we went.  That feeling of peaking anticipation has stayed with me and returns with every trip I take and luckily the destinations have gotten a lot more interesting.

I share that same enthusiasm when a client embarks on their journey.  The morning of a client’s private cooking class, I am elated awaiting to hear what they made.  I’m up early awaiting the bright, beautiful photos of my client’s iceberg trek.  I can’t wait for the video of the deep dive in Belize or the bungee jumping in New Zealand.  I love to feel their excitement from across the pond when they are met with sparkling wine and welcome note in their hotel room after a long day of connecting flights. 


Just as my travels and experiences can inspire and energize others, my client’s experiences give me the same unadulterated joy I felt grabbing my suitcase for Disney at seven years old.  I love being the connection to a person’s journey that gives them that unique feeling of pure joy that is so hard to recreate…until the next trip!


10 Random Facts about Me

  1. When making marinara sauce, I always grab one whole tomato to eat right out of the can

  2. I studied Interior Merchandising at Radford University but fell in love with the Blue Ridge Mountains, bluegrass and Art History classes far more than my major

  3. I write and eat with my left hand but use my right hand for sports and pretty much all other activities

  4. I live to eat and travel to dine; most of my personal travel planning starts with dining and the rest follows

  5. My happy place is Floyd, VA (the middle of nowhere) and we return almost every year to disconnect

  6. I started tap dancing in my 30s after regretting never pursuing it as a child

  7. My last meal would be a lobster roll with really good French fries and an ice cream sandwich

  8. I am (still) a Hanson fan 

  9. I’ve learned more history from my husband (a professor and hs government teacher) than my 16 years of education

  10. My daughter is named after my favorite Brandi Carlile song

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