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Thankful for my clients + Fly Direct, Travel Remote

This Thanksgiving holiday is a little different than last year. With full access to testing, vaccines and boosters, we can gather with family this Thanksgiving with a little less anxiety. Now all you have to worry about is what offensive thing grandpa may say at the dinner table or what mystery dish whacky Aunt Wendy is going to bring. Families will also return to that favorite holiday discussion this Thanksgiving.

“Where should our next family trip be?”

Fly Direct, Travel Remote

Some ideas to throw around to the family this holiday. Easy to get to from major airports but offers a true escape and get away from it all!

Travel for Better Mental Health

Travel is a time to discover and fill your life with food, people, sites, scenery, perspective and culture that are not your norm. Travel creates bonds between friends and family and bridges gaps between cultures. It turns ignorance into insight.

Travel creates solace, relaxation and ultimately better mental health for many. There are certainly still stressors when traveling in a pandemic, but Meredith Riley Travel helps to alleviate worries during your trip.

  • Destination guidelines, regulations and required paperwork before you travel is provided and detailed in your itinerary

  • Reminders and packing lists for Covid testing, proof of vaccines and PPE

  • Cadence Travel’s air department offers assistance in booking the most seamless air and monitors cancellations, delays or reroutes

  • Reconfirming all details and elements for your trip so that all you have to do is enjoy

  • Organizing all booking information and local recommendations in an easy to access digital and print itinerary

The Benefits to Packing Lighter: Leave the Checked Bag at Home

  • Winter brings more inclement weather, missed connections and delays. Don't miss an opportunity to hop on the next flight because you were waiting in baggage claim.

  • Packing lighter benefits the environment. Less weight on an aircraft means less fuel.

  • What you need is always with you. When you land you have everything on hand.

  • Get out of the airport and start enjoying your trip faster!

I am so grateful for all of my clients; for those I've worked with for a decade and those I have just began planning with for the first time. Because of you, I get to do what I love doing everyday. Thank you.

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