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7 Benefits to Planning NOW for Future Travel

  1. Pricing is anticipated to increase as the market opens up to cover the loss the industry has experienced. Best to lock in the lower pricing now!

  2. As more people are getting vaccinated, more feel confident traveling; limiting hotel, tour and flight availability.

  3. Many airlines are currently waiving change fees

  4. Hotels continue to offer flexible booking policies

  5. While testing requirements for certain airlines and destinations have added some complexities to travel; it has made it much safer.

  6. We are seeing a trend that countries opening their borders are requiring vaccines as well, adding another level of safety

  7. Its amazing to have something to look forward to!


Whether you are more comfortable getting some R & R closer to home or would like to plan abroad for the brighter days ahead, please let me know how I can help.

Check out this great resource for knowing the rules and regulations for international destinations.

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