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Meet an Entrepreneur Monday! 9.13.21

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

I have been so inspired by my friends and colleagues who have taken the leap and become their own boss. Doing something different and taking risks ain’t always easy, but the reward can be great. First to be featured is a friend near and dear to my heart, Tori Hance owner and operator of Fleuressence Floral Designs.

Three years ago I sat with Tori at a taco bar and cheered her on as she finished processing her LLC. I was her first client and she made our wedding absolutely beautiful. Things people remember from our wedding was the booze was flowing, people were getting down and most importantly, the flowers were absolutely stunning. In a short few years Fleuressence has taken off! Despite the pandemic, her business has grown so much that she has been able to leave her full time job and hire staff. Her studio, van, office, floral cooler are all signs of immense progress and I am so very proud of her. Tori’s blend of personality and professionalism and her ability to make unique floral creations tailored to each client has made that growth possible. Brides, grooms and event hosts are always so thankful after working with Fleuressence Floral Designs. I know I am.

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