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Meet an Entrepreneur Monday: 10/4/21

Meet Joni. She is the ultimate badass. Not only is she one of the most caring and down to earth friends I have, she also sees challenges as something to conquer rather than be defeated by. In addition to being Chief Strategy Officer at Sigora Solar, she has seen the needs of individuals during the pandemic and created products and businesses around those desires.

She is a part owner of My Alchemista, a high-end CBD company that produces amazing products free of the additives and other crap many other brands sneak in their products. I have been taking the full spectrum CBD pills on high-stress days for a few years now and it has helped me keep my cool, my sanity and kept me away from having to take more potent pharmaceuticals/anti-anxiety meds.

She also owns and operates two Air B & B's in Charlottesville, VA. Our college girlfriends were able to experience her luxury retreat this weekend and holy crap - what an unbelievable escape! Set on 100 acres, this vacation rental offers peace and solitude in nature just a quick 5-10 minute drive into downtown. There are thoughtful details in the design and a sense of warmth that will certainly make the accommodation your home away from home.

In addition to this wonder woman helping the planet one solar panel at a time, hosting travelers in Charlottesville, and helping people keep their cool with CBD, Joni is a mother of two beautiful boys. I guess the only question I have for Joni is, "When do you sleep?!"

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