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Take a Deeeep Breath...

“Take a deeeeep breath,” we tell our toddler when she’s getting exasperated over something. We demonstrate; we breathe in deeply and…. exhale. I realized after about the tenth time of doing this that this was far more for our own benefit. If you haven’t done it I’m awhile, try it now. Take a deeeep breath. With rules and regulations, covid-19 cases, mask mandates/recommendations all seemingly at a flux, it can all get a bit overwhelming. Whether you are seeking some R & R across the pond or just down the road, a trusted travel advisor is the perfect person to have on hand if these questions and concerns arise. R & R should mean just that… so it’s time for you to rest and relax. You don’t necessarily have to stay in a hotel room to have an awesome escape. Here are some fabulous spots that are a little 'outside the box' for the ultimate retreat!

USA • East

USA • West

Caribbean & Mexico


The best way to protect you and your family’s health right now is by vaccinating. If you checked this off your list you are helping yourself, your community and the communities you connect with through travel. If you know someone who has not yet been vaccinated, please encourage them to do so to make for a safer world to explore.

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