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"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." - Henry Miller What we do and the choices we make impact the world around us now and for generations to come. Evoking CHANGE in the way we live allows for future generations to enjoy this beautiful planet we all love to explore.

Why do our efforts often fall short when we TRAVEL?

Travel for a better planet...

-Pack light and bring less! Less luggage weight means less transportation emissions.

-Turn off & unplug. By not being glued to every device your whole trip you are charging less and experiencing more!

-Eat local & fresh. Seek out dining options who source locally; less carbon footprint and more authentic cuisine!

-Choose alternative transportation options when you can. Use trains, energy efficient vehicles and ferries when you get to a destination. When flying, choose the most direct route to eliminate longer distances flown.

-Select hotels & resorts that boast sustainable design, operate with environmentally practices and serve locally sourced dining options.

Travel for better health...

-Vaccinate! Now that we have vaccines readily available in The States, travel only after you are fully vaccinated to lower risks to yourself and those around you.

-Wear a mask. Just because you are vaccinated doesn’t mean you cannot spread Covid-19. Be cautious when touring, dining and staying in hotels to keep social distance and wear a mask when you are in public areas.

-Domestic NOW, International LATER. Let's plan that big trip abroad for the brighter days ahead while there is more availability. Focus on what the US has to offer for the immediate future.

-Take advantage of beautiful weather! Enjoy outdoor dining & activities.

-Stay up to date on your desired destination’s case numbers, vaccine rates and travel policies

Travel for stronger communities...

-Stay at hotels that source locally and hire community members as staff

-Avoid the big chains! Stay, shop and dine local. Supporting family-run businesses everywhere you can gives back in a big way and helps you engage more with your destination.

-Connect with local schools, artists, indigenous cultural representatives and craft communities on your trip.

-Take a tour with a local guide who can explain the local customs and practices early in your trip so that you can engage rather than offend.

(1) Maasai Mara, Kenya, (2) Navajo guide, Antelope Canyon, Arizona , (3) The Uru, Lake Titicaca's Floating Islands, Peru

How can you make sure you are enriching your life and the life of others when you travel? Just relax, enjoy and explore.

Meredith Riley Travel will handle the rest.

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